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January 13, 2021

Certification is a brilliant tool for showcasing talent and ability.

Many will argue that there is no comparison between certification and hands-on practical experience when it comes to demonstrating capability. KnowledgeAdd agree to an extent, but it’s not as simple as that – people become certified in their chosen disciplines for different reasons. Even from the days when a person would have been learning to read and write, methods of testing are used as a means to understand a person’s ability. However, becoming certified is not just about the badge of honour.

There are many reasons why an individual may wish to undertake training and certify their knowledge:

  • Acquire knowledge to improve on-the-job capabilities
  • Enhance career opportunities
  • Business requirements
  • Stand out from the crowd

Further to this, there are also many reasons why an organisation may wish for their employees or prospective employees to be certified:

  • Part of career mapping and succession planning
  • Demonstrate commitment to staff and career development
  • Utilise a common language and understanding
  • Fulfil contractual obligations
  • Meet competency requirements to demonstrate service excellence
  • Stand out from the competition

Becoming certified is a great way to complement practical ability.

Looking more closely at staff training and development, there is a plethora of resources available on this topic. Typically, the research shows that training and development has a strong link to employee satisfaction and therefore employee retention.

A Glassdoor report compiled in June 2018 explores the link between employee satisfaction and salaries. The report shows that although there is a correlation between good salaries and happy employees, there are a variety of other factors that employers should be paying attention to. Factors that would cost considerably less for an organisation to implement and apply than, say, a blanket salary increase. The report suggests that the two highest contributing factors beyond the impact of salary on employee satisfaction are the culture and values of the organisation and the prevalence of career opportunities.

It’ll come as little surprise therefore, that organisation’s which have an effective culture and strong values, tend to also have robust multi-faceted training programs in place that support, amongst other benefits, career development.

For example: Organisations who align themselves to the Service Desk Institute’s (SDI) Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk, or who undertake a service maturity assessment, will testify that SDI auditors seek clarification and evidence demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to training and development. The more mature the training and development programme, the higher the assessment score and the maturity rating would be.

At KnowledgeAdd we have priced our training courses to allow organisations and individuals to stretch their training budgets further and enhance career development planning.

To hear more about any of our training courses or services, get in touch with us via livechat, by email, or telephone (0) 204 526 8683.


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