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Benefits of Virtual Learning

Benefits of Virtual Learning for Service Management and Technical IT Training

November 10, 2020

Benefits of Virtual Learning for Service Management and technical IT training

Whether you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, develop further career opportunities, or simply interested in improving your on-the-job capabilities, virtual learning solves many problems. Usually touted as a way to save time and money, you may still worry about the quality of education and the thoroughness of the interaction with an instructor and fellow students.

With nearly 7 million students using accredited, instructor-led virtual classrooms annually (this number has increased massively in 2020), those cannot be the only advantages.

Virtual Classroom Benefits for ITIL and Microsoft Training

Online educational opportunities exist for any topic, industry, or degree program. When it comes to service management or technical IT training, the digital world offers the perfect opportunity to integrate with the systems you use every day in a refreshing manner. The benefits of virtual learning can help you accelerate your understanding, develop your capabilities, and allow you to apply your new knowledge practically, in the real world.

Instructors Provide More Interaction

When instructors have convenient and efficient access to their virtual classrooms and all the learners in a group, they have more time and energy to engage. Instead of simply standing in front of a large room giving a lecture or talking at individuals, they can interact in real time with all learners and give one on one help where needed.

Virtual Learning Promotes Active Learning

Instead of the classroom set up in which the instructor lectures the learners, online learning opportunities promote a more learner-focused method. Virtual space and innovative tech use in training today encourages interaction and exploration beyond what the instructor says. The students take greater initiative and control over their own progress, which leads to a great success rate when it comes to ensuring that the knowledge sinks in.

Convenience and Cost Effectiveness

Often, training courses are held in locations that require travel, overnight stays, and other things that result in a large expenses bill at the end of the course. That’s after the course fee has already been paid! When you can log on conveniently from home, or anywhere with an internet connection and compatible device, the entire learning process is more relaxed, convenient, and cost-effective. This, in turn, leads to improved engagement and less stress overall.

KnowledgeAdd Keep Teaching

Our training courses at KnowledgeAdd go beyond teaching just the theory. All of our courses include access to the instructor, for up to an hour, within 90 days of the course ending. This allows learners to apply their knowledge, or validate their understanding, in the real world. This fairly unique and practical addition to our course offering leaves you knowing that your investment in your or your colleagues learning and development is going to last. In tech-focused careers or interests like IT and service management, the benefit of online classes undoubtedly outshines all others. It simply provides a more thorough learning experience.

When it comes to KnowledgeAdd’s training courses or any type of career-boosting education specifically tailored to the IT service and support industry, using the tools for learning that you’re very likely to be using as part of your day job makes sense.

Take a look at our courses page to see which course can help you take the next step in your career.


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