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What is RESILIA?

RESILIA best practice provides organisations with a methodology for turning cyber security into effective cyber resilience. Cyber resilience is the ability for an organisation to resist, respond to, and recover from threats/attacks that will adversely impact the information they require to run their business. RESILIA offers a practical approach, reflecting on the need to prevent, detect, and respond appropriately to cyber threats. RESILIA uses the ITIL framework, providing a proven approach to aligning services with business outcomes.

RESILIA eLearning Foundation training and certification provides an understanding of how to contribute to effective cyber resilience using your organisation’s existing practices and standards. There are two levels of RESILIA cyber security certification for IT professionals – Foundation and Practitioner. The foundation level certificate must be obtained before moving on to practitioner. This RESILIA eLearning Foundation course covers everything needed to obtain the Foundation certificate.

How is RESILIA any different from Information Security?

Traditional approaches to information security focus on an organisation’s ability to prevent and detect attacks on its information and assets. This has led to a common belief that the solution to tackle these threats lies in a series of mostly technical controls, as outlined in various standards, which are regularly tested for efficiency and consistency.

The nature, prevalence, and frequency of cyber threats has evolved. It is no longer the case of questioning ‘if’ an organisation would suffer a cyber attack, but ‘when’. Cyber resilience reflects this evolution and focuses its efforts on how organisations can also respond to and recover from a cyber attack.

RESILIA has been designed to highlight the importance of strategies and controls that respond and recover from attack and is aimed at IT, risk, and business professionals, who need a greater understanding of cyber resilience as part of their existing responsibilities and strategies.

RESILIA eLearning Course Introduction Sample

Resilia Foundation Course Introduction

“RESILIA best practice covers the activities, controls, and management processes that should be in each lifecycle. Organisations already using ITIL for Service Management will find that Cyber Resilience can be easily integrated into their existing management systems, with Cyber Resilience becoming an extension of existing business-as-usual processes.”

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Suitable For:

This course does not require any existing knowledge of Cyber Resilience.

RESILIA offers practical guidance, training, and learning for the entire organisation, including C-level, IT, risk, and business professionals. RESILIA training will ensure that learners better understand the risks and benefits of effective Cyber Resilience.

Foundation and Practitioner training & certification is aimed at, but not limited to the following:

  • IT and Security functions: all professionals within IT Service Management, Information Security, Business Analysis, IT Project Management, IT Development, IT and Security Architecture and leadership roles (CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CISO (Chief Information and Security Officer), Head of IT)
  • The Risk function: all Risk Management professionals from CRO (Chief Risk Officer), Head of Risk, Risk Manager, Heads of Compliance and Business Continuity to risk and Business Analyst roles
  • All core business functions, HR, Finance, Procurement, Operations and Marketing, will benefit from having cyber resilience expertise within the team, often including a local champion or mentor for all staff to refer to. RESILIA certifications are designed for all staff from leadership roles (HR Director, CFO, Operations Director) to management and operational teams.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course you will have gained an understanding of:

  • how business decisions impact good/bad cyber resilience
  • how to make cyber resilience an integral part of operational management
  • how nurturing cyber resilience support operational effectiveness and organisational resilience

What to Expect:

All eLearning courses are completed via our online eLearning platform. Full instructions to access and complete the course will be sent to you after you have successfully completed the checkout process.

Course Contents:

• Module 1: Introduction to cyber resilience
• Module 2: Risk management
• Module 3: Managing cyber resilience
• Module 4: Cyber resilience strategy
• Module 5: Cyber resilience design
• Module 6: Cyber resilience transition
• Module 7: Cyber resilience operation
• Module 8: Cyber resilience improvement
• Module 9: Roles and responsibilities
• Module 10: Exam preparation

Following completion of the course, you may request an exam voucher via the eLearning portal which can be redeemed anytime with PeopleCert online, within 12 months.


  • Multiple choice format
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 33 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) – 66%
  • 110 minutes duration
  • Closed book
  • Learners must have completed the RESILIA Foundation course before requesting an exam voucher

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