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Over the past 10 years, multi-vendor and selective sourcing have become the norm. In light of this, Service Integration and Management has become an essential approach to guide organisations in the management of multiple suppliers. SIAM is essential to ensure multiple suppliers are integrated to create a single business-facing IT organisation. The benefits of the SIAM approach are far-reaching. From cost reduction to improved service for users and greater access to expertise across suppliers, SIAM enables an organisation to reap the benefits of being able to pick and choose their suppliers. At the same time, it ensures consistency is created, processes are clear and agreed upon, and that governance keeps everything in check.

Read more about SIAM – An Introduction to SIAM here.

This SIAM Foundation course provides the learner with the knowledge and understanding of the terminology and core principles of SIAM. It covers subjects including the potential benefits, challenges, and risks of implementing Service Integration and Management. Furthermore, this fully accredited eLearning SIAM Foundation course delves into the history, business drivers, and the processes that support SIAM models.

eLearning SIAM Foundation Course Sample Lesson

SIAM Sample Lesson

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Suitable For:

This course does not require any existing knowledge of SIAM, although existing knowledge of IT service management terminology is recommended, for example ITIL or ISO/IEC 20000.

Foundation training & certification is aimed at anyone working in, or wishing to work in an organisation using SIAM management practices. It is also intended for service providers that wish to implement and management SIAM Models.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course learners will be able to:

  • Understand the main concepts and processes of SIAM that are used in organisations
  • Establish a SIAM ecosystem in order to better organise the organisation’s resources
  • Provide better support during a SIAM implementation by understanding the main considerations for the most important processes
  • Reduce risks associated with Integrated Services and the SIAM ecosystem
  • Connect different practices with SIAM to boost and improve the organisation’s service provision
  • Integrate services by using different structures based on SIAM practices and methodology
  • Recognise the key stages of SIAM implementation in order to better plan its roll-out
  • Determine SIAM roles and responsibilities in processes and the organisation
  • Better select the most appropriate SIAM practices in line with the organisation’s environment and maturity

What to Expect:

All eLearning courses are completed via our online eLearning platform. Full instructions to access and complete the course will be sent to you after you have successfully completed the checkout process.

Course Contents:

Lesson 1: Introduction to SIAM

Lesson 2: Purpose and value

Lesson 3: The SIAM ecosystem

Lesson 4: SIAM structures

Lesson 5: SIAM roadmap part 1

Lesson 6: SIAM roadmap part 2

Lesson 7: SIAM roadmap part 3

Lesson 8: SIAM roadmap part 4

Lesson 9: SIAM roles & responsibilities part 1

Lesson 10: SIAM roles & responsibilities part 2

Lesson 11: SIAM roles & responsibilities part 3

Lesson 12: SIAM practices part 1

Lesson 13: SIAM practices part 2

Lesson 14: Processes part 1

Lesson 15: Processes part 2

Lesson 16: Challenges and risks part 1

Lesson 17: Challenges and risks part 2

Lesson 18: Challenges and risks part 3

Lesson 19: SIAM and other practices part 1

Lesson 20: SIAM and other practices part 2

Lesson 21: Exam preparation

Following completion of the course, you may request an exam voucher via the eLearning portal which can be redeemed anytime with EXIN.


  • Multiple choice format
  • 50 questions
  • 33 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) – 65%
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Closed book
  • Learners must have completed the SIAM Foundation course before requesting an exam voucher

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