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What To

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VeriSM Foundation focuses on the VeriSM model which emphasises the focus on value, on outcomes, and an organisation’s goals. It also includes a unique management mesh, the guidance for choosing the appropriate management practices to establish the product or service. It gives context to Service Management in the digital age and looks at how emerging technologies and progressive management practices can be applied to add value for the consumer.

Digital transformation can be a minefield of complexity. VeriSM moves to simplify the landscape of digital transformation by taking a step back and providing a holistic, bird’s eye view of the challenges ahead. The approach, from the organisational level, explores the end to end view rather than focusing on individual departments. VeriSM allows for a tailored approach depending on the type of business, the size of the organisation, the businesses priorities, and the organisational culture. Rather than focus on a single prescriptive way of working, VeriSM helps organisations respond to consumers and deliver value with integrated service management practices.

Read more about VeriSM here – An Introduction to VeriSM™

eLearning VeriSM Foundation Course Introduction

VeriSM Foundation Course Introduction

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Suitable For:

VeriSM Foundation is suitable for both professionals new to Service Management as well as those already working and familiar with Service Management practices. This includes managers, service owners, service leaders, executives and IT professionals.

The course does not require any existing knowledge of VeriSM.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course learners will be able to:

  • Define the elements of organisational governance (evaluate, direct, monitor)
  • Describe the impact of digital transformation on service management
  • Explain methods to overcome team challenges (silos, virtual teams)
  • Define the elements of the VeriSM™ model
  • Explain how VeriSM™ re-defines service management
  • Explain how VeriSM™ uses the management mesh to create and support services
  • Explain the elements within each of the four stages of the VeriSM™ Model
  • Clarify the key concepts and when to apply Agile, DevOps, SIAM™, and/or Lean as a management practice
  • Define the importance of considering Shift Left, Customer Experience/User Experience, and/or Continuous Delivery practices in service delivery
  • Explain the benefits of cloud, virtualisation, and automation
  • Explain the impact of big data, internet of things, mobile computing, and bring your own device on service management
  • Define serverless computing, artificial intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, and containerisation in relation to service delivery
  • Identify steps to initiate an improvement program based on VeriSM™

What to Expect:

All eLearning courses are completed via our online eLearning platform. Access will be provided to the eLearning platform on receipt of payment/purchase order.

Course Contents:

Lesson 1: Organisational context & governance

Lesson 2: Digital transformation

Lesson 3: Service culture

Lesson 4: Organisational culture

Lesson 5: Teams

Lesson 6: Service provider challenges

Lesson 7: Organisational change principles

Lesson 8: Introduction to the VeriSM model

Lesson 9: The VeriSM Model Part 1 – Define

Lesson 10: The VeriSM Model Part 2 – Produce

Lesson 11: The VeriSM Model Part 3 – Provide

Lesson 12: The VeriSM Model Part 4 – Respond

Lesson 13: Adapting the VeriSM Model

Lesson 14: Progressive practices – Agile

Lesson 15: Progressive practices – DevOps & SIAM

Lesson 16: Progressive practices – Lean & Shift Left

Lesson 17: Progressive practices – Customer Experience / User Experience & Continuous Delivery

Lesson 18: Innovative Technologies – Part 1

Lesson 19: Innovative Technologies – Part 2

Lesson 20: Innovative Technologies – Part 3

Lesson 21: Getting Started Lesson

Lesson 22: Exam preparation

Following completion of the course, you may request an exam voucher via the eLearning portal which can be redeemed anytime with EXIN.


  • Multiple choice format
  • 40 questions
  • 26 marks required to pass (out of 40 available) – 65%
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Closed book
  • Learners must have completed the VeriSM Foundation eLearning course before requesting an exam voucher

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