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Service Desk Improvement A to Z

Service Desk Improvement – an A to Z.

April 21, 2021

Service Desk Improvement – an A to Z.

As seen on ITSM.Tools, Knowing where to start with making Service Desk improvements can be daunting. However, it needn’t be! We’ve put together a handy A to Z of guidance to help anyone hoping to get started with creating a successful Service Desk.

This article provides a sample of the considerations under the letters C.S.I. You can download the full A – Z at the bottom of this page.

Continual improvement

C had to be continual improvement really. But what is it? Often, continual improvement is an after-thought. Something that gets tagged on to the end of a project, for example, to provide a mechanism for feedback. It’s so much bigger than that. Continual improvement should be a mindset. It should be embedded in the organisational culture. It should be a part of everything that we do in the service industry. You know the saying? There’s always room for improvement. That is so, so true. When you consider the pace of technology, the changes in customer expectations. The goal posts are always moving and there’s always opportunity to improve as a result.


It’s very easy to get stuck in the weeds in the service desk environment. Thinking strategically is about being able towards long-term objectives and producing plans to support the overall aim of the organisation. A service desk strategy should support the service desk mission (it’s reason for being/purpose) and underpin the organisation’s overall strategy. Further weight
can be given to a service desk strategy by incorporating Critical Success Factors (CSFs), that are in turn underpinned by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Think of the service desk strategy as supporting the mission in a way that describes and lays out a pathway of exactly how you’re going to do it. This approach can help service desk staff to feel empowered, valued, and most importantly, be able to understand how they contribute to the success of the service desk and the organisation.

Intelligent disobedience

This could have easily been incident management. Although, there’s plenty of other great content out there covering it. I cannot really pinpoint when I first discovered this concept from the esteemed Ivor Macfarlane, but I’ve definitely embraced it. Intelligent disobedience is a notion that empowers staff to make decisions based on the information that’s available to
them and reach the best possible outcome for all parties. At the service desk, for example, this could allow analysts to break away from a generic process, procedure, or rule, if it’s deemed that the outcome would be favourable to the customer, without being damaging for the service desk. Imagine you have a service desk with a separate desktop support team.
Procedures dictate that, for any ‘desk-side’ visits required by employees to fix an issue, a ticket must be escalated to the end user support team via the service desk. You get a walk-in from a senior manager who explains that they need a new keyboard, as the original one has bit the dust. The desktop support team members are stretched because a team member is sick and another member is away for lunch. A person at the service desk is available and able to competently deal with the keyboard replacement, but procedures say it needs to be completed by a member of the desktop support team. You’ve probably been frustrated by similar situations in the past. By applying intelligent disobedience, you can enable a mechanism to work-around a situation where a procedure proves prohibitive to providing good service. (Try saying that last sentence out loud after a glass of wine or two..)

Where will your service desk improvement project begin? Remember to download the full A-Z of service desk guidance, it’s free, before you leave this article – no sign up details required. And, if we can help you further with anything listed within the guide, please do get in touch with us.

Download the full article here: Service Desk Guidance A to Z


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